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Luis 'waiting' for Jessy to be marriage-ready

Edu, humihingi na ng apo kay Luis!

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

1/12/2018 in News
Luis 'waiting' for Jessy to be marriage-ready

Luis Manzano continues his attempt to be the sweetest boyfriend ever to Jessy Mendiola, this time with the help of his father Edu.

In a recent outing with "TV Patrol", the father-and-son duo teamed up to deliver a resounding message to Jessy: that they're both ready to welcome her into the Manzano clan.

Luis talked marriage, insisting that he respects Jessy's views on it and will continue to do so until she's ready to settle down with him. He said:

"Sabi ko naman I'm ready, I'm ready. But I have to give respect to her timeline. I have to respect her age, her priorities. I'd like to think I'm a bit stable already so I'm just waiting for her."

Luis, at 36, sports an 11-year age difference with his lady love.
On the other hand, Edu, the old gentleman, got real about his "grandpa aspirations" and urged his son to "go forth and multiply".

The legendary actor said, "(Luis') siblings are all in the States already, studying, pursuing higher learning. I'm an empty nest already so I wouldn't mind seeing a little Manzano walking around."

Luis and Jessy have been dating for over a year.