So long, Jacintha Magsaysay

A tribute to the one and only Lady In Red (Angel Locsin) #LaLunaSangre

Danielle Aquino
Danielle Aquino

1/10/2018 in News
So long, Jacintha Magsaysay

When Jacintha Magsaysay entered the world of “La Luna Sangre” back in September, fans were shocked to their cores to see acclaimed actress Angel Locsin back on their screens.

Her character, Lia Ortega-Rodriguez, had passed away in the pilot week of the fantaserye and many were confused over her return, the big question being: Is Jacintha really Lia?

Months have passed, and we've come to learn more and more about Jacintha and cheered her on when she proved to be a valuable ally to the fight against Sandrino’s  (Richard Gutierrez) evil forces.

Let’s look back on some of her most memorable moments, shall we?

1. Jacintha’s grand entrance

A mysterious figure from the very start, the political strategist’s introduction on the show was nothing short of surprising. Jaws everywhere probably dropped when Jacintha’s face was revealed, much like Sandrino’s did when he saw Lia’s familiar face.



2. Seducing Sandrino

Though Jacintha told Gilbert, Sandrino’s human alter-ego, not to fall in love with her, she really didn’t make it easy for him, what with her seductive eyes and sultry smile always trained on him.  



And that invitation to go out of town? To get to know each other better? :>




But I guess that always was the plan. You know what they say, forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest. ;)


3. That EPIC Lady In Red reveal

After weeks of theorizing about Jacintha’s role in the show, our questions were finally answered when she came out as the Lady In Red!




Wasn’t that the COOLEST entrance ever??? *heart eyes*


The wolf-yellow eyes paired with vampire fangs sure caused a stir online. Of course, they couldn’t just show us Jacintha in a red cape and have her do nothing - which led to the Lady In Red’s first epic battle against the forces of evil!





4. Killing Barang

Jacintha showed her various skills and powers even more when she had to go up against Sandrino’s adoptive mother and Seer, Barang (Shamaine Buencamino).



5. Introduction to the Moonchasers

Sadly, though she saved Samantha (Maricar Reyes-Poon) from falling for Barang’s act, Jacintha couldn't save her from Sandrino’s wrath. After Samantha made the ultimate sacrifice for Jacintha - facing Sandrino as the Lady In Red and thus ending her life - the political strategist felt it was time to introduce herself to the group of fighters she put together, the Moonchasers.



6. Training with Malia 
And with her identity as the Moonchaser leader revealed, Jacintha finally eased up on the La Liga Unida and offered her services to help Malia (Kathryn Bernardo) unleash her powers.



She’s obviously a fan of tough love.



But it was THIS moment that made the internet explode:




We couldn’t believe it! Jacintha called Malia her daughter! So everyone who thought she was Lia was correct, yes?





That was a really hard scene to watch. </3

7. Final battle against Sandrino

And, of course, let’s not forget her much-awaited battle against Sandrino.



Sandrino’s got a lot of rage in him for her betrayal, but Jacintha’s a strong woman and held her own just fine.





It was sadly her last, but what a fight it was!

After she stabbed Sandrino in the chest and watched his body disappear, she collapsed and completely vanished right before our eyes.

To Jacintha Magsaysay - smart political strategist, great leader, trusted ally, and loyal friend - may we follow her example and fight the good fight!