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Tarsier Records signs second batch of artists

Kiana, Marion + more take next step in their music careers

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

9/8/2017 in News
Tarsier Records signs second batch of artists

Tarsier Records, the international label of Star Music, signed the second roster of their artists today, September 8.

 Headed by Chris Lopez (Moophs), the new members of the Tarsier family are Kidwolf, Edana, Yuzon, Kiana Valenciano, and Marion Aunor. 

Tarsier, a label with the tagline "It's all in the family," promises to introduce a new wave of music to the country.

"We have very experimental taste, all of us, we come from different genres. So, we are trying out things na we think should be the sound that we can present to the world. We have these kinds of tracks na we are ready to show internationally, kumbaga," said Kidwolf.

The team said that they are exploring their own voices, they are free to create, and they have a diverse sound.

Yuzon shared, "We are not constricted at all. But then as of now, I can see we have different flavors in the realm of electronic."

Moophs also said that their base is electronic pop and electronic music, and the beauty with it is they can play around it to produce various kinds of sound.

"It's so diverse and you can really do anything with it. It allows us to all exist as a family on the same label, and create together and be diverse but at the same time sound like one unit," Moophs explained.

The Tarsier team, that exudes a vibe of breaking from the ordinary, also has a different way of making music. 

"We go out, we have fun together, we mess around, it's not your traditional approach, really. Our aproach to it is more organic. Much in the way of other record labels, underground style labels around the world, the way they do it. And the result is content that is more intimate, it's more relatable, it's more on trend on what's going on right  now," Moophs said. 

Tarsier launched the Cycle 1 of their album today, September 8. Their music is now available on YouTube and Spotify.

Sam Concepcion, Markus, Moophs, and Xela were the first batch of artists under Tarsier who signed their contracts last August 31. See related article: "Tarsier Records aims to introduce new wave of music to PH - and beyond