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Here's how much the #aKHOandmyBELOved wedding cost

You'll never guess how much Hayden Kho and Vicky Belo spent on their wedding

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

9/7/2017 in News
Here's how much the #aKHOandmyBELOved wedding cost

Wonder how much celebrity doctors Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho spent on their lavish Paris wedding?

Well, you'll finally get the answer because according to a report by PEP. "the wedding of the year" has an alleged P80 million price tag. 

This price tag, while worthy of a double take, makes sense if you examine the estimated breakdown of costs enclosed in the report. 

Just the fact that Dra. Vicky stayed in the Ritz Paris's iconic Coco Chanel suite for a week figures into about P9.4 million. The couple also rented the Grand Foyer of the Palais Garnier, known to most as the Paris Opera, for their reception. This would set them back about P11.5 million. Bridal gowns, courtesy of Michael Cinco, is at around P8 million and the 48-hour chauffeur service is at P1.76 million. 

And since nobody puts a five-course meal in the corner, they also spent P4 million to indulge the appetites of their 250 high-profile guests that included Jodi Sta. Maria, Piolo Pascual, Lucy Torres, Richard Gomez, and more. 

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Man, wouldn't we kill for a wedding like this.