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Bela gets cheesy over Dani, Yassi

Bela: “Cheers to the sisters I chose to have.”

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

9/29/2017 in News
Bela gets cheesy over Dani, Yassi

Yassi Pressman and Dani Barretto are the two people whose comments mean the most to Bela Padilla.

On her social media accounts yesterday, September 28, the “Last Night” screenwriter expressed her love and gratitude to her two BFFs.

“Thank you, Yassi and Dani… for being the best people to be around,” she said.

“All the sleepless nights, taping and shooting and working non stop paid off today because I was given something I didn't even dare dream of (I'm sorry but this is such a big deal to me 😂) and these two got me through all of those days. The good ones and the bad.”

Bela further related that Yassi and Dani were the ones who knew everything about the story before it was even pitched, and that she wouldn’t have finished writing if it weren’t for the two of them.



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“All my stories wouldn't move if I had nobody to tell them to. The characters wouldn't talk if I didn't inject the people I love into them and they both know I use them in my stories,” she said.

The actress closed the message by saying how much she loves them, even if she doesn’t often show it.

“I may not be as affectionate as you guys but know that the love I have for you is deep. Which is why your messages brought me to tears. Cheers to the sisters I chose to have,” she said.

“Last Night” marks the reunion of Toni Gonzaga and Piolo Pascual. It is directed by bb. Joyce Bernal and is now showing in cinemas nationwide.