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Xian Lim hints at filmmaking future

Direk Xian Lim? Game kami!

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

9/25/2017 in News
Xian Lim hints at filmmaking future

National treasure Xian Lim looks to extend his resume, not just as a talented actor, singer, and host but a director as well. 

In an interview with PUSH, Xian revealed that he would like to grow his filmmaking resume - and soon at that. Xian made this statement after directing his own music video for "Getting To Know Each Other Too Well" his upcoming third studio album "Key of X's" carrier single.  

He said, "Ako na ang nagvo-volunteer na ako ang magdi-direct. I’m presenting myself not just as Xian na actor but I also want to direct."

He continued, "Because being an artist, you’re so used to being a vessel and being told what to do na nakasang-ayon sa script. But now you’re the director, you control the whole universe."

And while being a director is not a piece of cake, Xian shared that he enjoyed it immensely.

He said, "Best part is tinatawag ka na Direk. Nung umuulan sabi nila ‘Direk, anong gagawin natin?’ 'Di ako kumikibo sabi ko ‘Ay ako nga pala 'yun, sandali, sandali!’"

This adorable man. <3 

Xian will star in an upcoming movie alongside Coleen Garcia. 

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