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#LaLunaSangreSaveCatleya Scene of the Day: Attack on Tristan

Sino ang napaurong sa banggaang bampira at Tristan (Daniel)? #LaLunaSangre

Danielle Aquino
Danielle Aquino

9/22/2017 in News
#LaLunaSangreSaveCatleya Scene of the Day: Attack on Tristan

Preparations were made on last night’s (September 21) episode of “La Luna Sangre.”

The Moonchasers prepared for their next mission to protect Zeny Mallari while the LLU geared to strike and save Catleya (Sue Ramirez) from Supremo’s (Richard Gutierrez) vampires.

And while everyone’s working together in the team, Tristan (Daniel Padilla) once again tried to take action on his own. But his plans were thwarted when vampires attacked! This is our scene of the day and here’s what happened:

Tristan was trying to lose his tail of Moonchasers when he quickly moved into an alley (seriously, Moonchasers, why follow someone in a large group?? It’s so obvious! But kudos to your quick reflexes in hiding.)
The Moonchasers lost him for a bit (kasiiiiii. Tapos ang kulit pa ni Tristan - ayaw talagang makinig! They’re trying to keep you safe, dude!)
Then, a vampire attacked Tristan in the alley! (ayan kasi, Tristan!)
Tristan fought him off, knocked him down, and whipped out his weapon quickly (good thing Tristan has developed quick reflexes, or else he would’ve been toast)
Two more vampires appeared and cornered him in the alley with nowhere to go (there’s three of them?!)
Tristan killed one with a super awesome jump and stab move (he jumped so high!!!)
And then dared the others to attack (hay, Tristan. Why didn’t you just run??)
The Moonchasers found him and faced the vampires too, surrounding them with weapons at the ready (YES FINALLY! It’s about time you guys got there!)
But instead of fighting, the vampires retreated (WAIT WHAT?? SERIOUSLY?)

The Moonchasers later reported the attack to Prof. T (Albert Martinez), who enlightened them by saying the vampires didn’t continue their attack because they got the information they needed (OOOHH. That makes sense, yeah, okay). After arguing with Tristan about staying in HQ, he relented to letting Tristan help protect Zeny Mallari with the other Moonchasers.

Here’s hoping this mission goes better than the last Mallari mission did. *crosses fingers*

Elsewhere, the LLU moved to take back Catleya, determined to get her back.

Will the LLU succeed? And what does Supremo have planned for Zeny Mallari? Catch an all-new episode of “La Luna Sangre” tonight on Primetime Bida after “FPJ's Ang Probinsyano."