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Joshua, pina-iyak ng ‘Love You to the Stars and Back!'

How did Joshua and Julia feel when they saw Mika and Caloy? #LYSB

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

9/2/2017 in News
Joshua, pina-iyak ng ‘Love You to the Stars and Back!'

“Love You to the Stars and Back” is a movie that brings all the feels (and tears).


Almost everyone who watched the movie cried buckets over Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto’s performances, but how did the two actors react when they watched the movie for the first time?


Joshua admitted that he also cried (a lot!) during the film’s premiere night.


“Ako kasi ngayon kapag nanonood ng movie… acting na lang ‘yung pinapanood ko. Hindi na ako nagfofocus sa story,” he said during their bloggers conference last week. “Pero nung pinanood ko ‘yung ‘LYSB’ sabi ko manonood ako as audience talaga. So nung pinanood ko, hindi as Joshua. Naiyak talaga ako.”


Meanwhile, Julia related that she didn’t cry the first time; she was evaluating her performance in the film.


“Kini-criticize ko ‘yung sarili ko,” she said.


“Like with ‘VKJ,’ the first time I watched it, ni-criticize ko ‘yung acting ko. I was evaluating myself. The second time we watched it, it’s the story, the shots, the music. The third time you just enjoy it. That time talaga I was focused na ‘ay, I should have done this.’”


Julia admitted that it’s because she really wants to perfect her craft.


“I always make sure that I always outdo myself, I always have to be better than my last work,” she said.


“Love You to the Stars and Back” is directed by Antoinette Jadaone. It is now showing in cinemas nationwide!