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JoshLia, may mga lihim na IBINUNYAG!

JoshLia’s acting secrets, revealed!

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

9/2/2017 in News
JoshLia, may mga lihim na IBINUNYAG!

Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto are drawing rave reviews for their performances in “Love You to the Stars and Back,” but what they gave in the film wasn’t easy to do.


During their bloggers conference last week, the pair shared that they had to do a lot of preparations for their roles, especially honing their acting skills.


“Nanood ako ng series and movies, tapos… nag-workshop ako,” Joshua said, adding that he prefers constantly putting his skills to the test.


“Kapag napapahinga ka, nawawala ‘yung init sa puso mo,” he related. “Ang hirap ng biglaang kumarga ng emotion. Kailangan laging nae-exercise ‘yung emotions mo.”


Joshua further shared that he thoroughly researched his character Caloy’s sickness, leukemia.


“Nagsearch ako ng photo ano itsura kapag may leukemia, so habang nagme-makeup ako nakabantay,” he said. “May nakausap akong cancer survivor, tinanong ko siya kung anong naramdaman niya nung nagkaroon siya ng cancer… nung ginagamot na siya. Research lang talaga.”


Meanwhile, Julia shared that she likes to put herself in the shoes of her character.


“I got to know Mika, I understood her pain, where she’s coming from, why she is the person that she is. Everytime I’m on set, every time we take, I’m just Mika already,” she said.



“I think I have my fair share of painful experiences in life and I just had to go back to them and see what the parallel things are between me and Mika, and see what I can take from my experiences and give it to her.”


Julia also said that she incorporates mannerisms from people she knows to the characters she plays.


“I like to observe people, especially when people converse… they have mannerisms, thier actions, everyone has different personalities,” she said. “Sometimes when you’re playing a character, you think who’s the closest person I have in mind who’s exactly like this? Then you imitate their actions.”


“When I have a character… I embrace it, I love it, I learn about my character and be my character,” she said.

“Love You to the Stars and Back” is now showing in cinemas nationwide.