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#LaLunaSangreBagongKasapi Scene of the Day: Gilbert tests Jacintha... again

Still suspicious of Jacintha (Angel), Supremo (RIchard) tries another method to see if she really is Lia #LaLunaSangr

Danielle Aquino
Danielle Aquino

9/19/2017 in News
#LaLunaSangreBagongKasapi Scene of the Day: Gilbert tests Jacintha... again

Supremo (Richard Gutierrez) uses his new captive to his advantage.

On last night’s (September 18) episode of “La Luna Sangre,” Supremo used Catleya (Sue Ramirez) not to get information on La Liga Unida, but rather to see if Jacintha (Angel Locsin) would recognize her, to prove if  she is really Lia.

This is our scene of the day. Jacintha just arrived at Youtopia to talk to Gilbert about how his campaign might be affected by Sen. Paglinauan’s (Freddie Webb) arrest. Gilbert was talking about getting more involved in social issues when he turns and shows Jacintha a video. And her reaction? Well, you’ll find out in a minute. Here’s what happened:

  • Gilbert asked her to watch the video, saying it was sent to him and was probably already making its rounds on the internet (YOU MONSTER! You torture Catleya and put it online?!)
  • Jacintha was horrified to see it was a video of a girl being tortured (anyone would be upset to see a video like that! It doesn’t mean she knows who Catleya is.)
  • He was watching her very closely, for any sign that she knew who Catleya was (grabe talaga his stare.. So intimidating.)
  • Jacintha couldn’t take it anymore and looked away (GRABE did you guys see the subtle movements in her face and neck?? She’s so unsettled by the video, but she’s trying to stay strong. Ang galing!)
  • Gilbert told her to keep watching (UGH WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU) and Jacintha glared at him for a moment before doing as he asked (well, who wouldn’t get mad?? He’s practically forcing her to witness something horrible!)
  • He fully expected her to recognize Catleya and when Jacintha shed a tear, he thought he got the confirmation he needed (‘WAG KANG MAYABANG. Sino ba namang hindi maiiyak sa pinapanood mo?!)
  • Jacintha wiped away her tears, said that this what was what pained her heart to see, and spoke about how this type of violence shouldn’t even exist in the Philippines (YOU SEE?! NOT LIA.)
  • She then asked if he wanted to add this to his campaign - a fight against violence - but warned him that if they added it to his platform, he’d have to see it through (Jacintha went from teary to intimidating so quickly! I LOVE IT HAHA)

So that’s that. Supremo still doesn’t know if Jacintha is really Lia.

Elsewhere, Malia (Kathryn Bernardo) met up with Tristan (Daniel Padilla) as Toni and told him to be careful of one Gilbert Imperial because he is Supremo, the ruler of the vampires.

What will Supremo do with Catleya now? And how will Tristan use this new information to his advantage? Catch an all-new episode of “La Luna Sangre” tonight on Primetime Bida after “FPJ's Ang Probinsyano."