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9 minutes of TonDeng bliss from 9 months of 'A Love To Last'

A look back at TonDeng’s most kilig moments! #ALoveToLast

Danielle Aquino
Danielle Aquino

9/16/2017 in News
9 minutes of TonDeng bliss from 9 months of 'A Love To Last'

“A Love To Last” has one week to go, Kapamilya! 

To celebrate the 9-month long run of our beloved primetime drama, here’s a 9-minute long video that lists down Anton (Ian Veneracion) and Andeng’s (Bea Alonzo) most kilig moments! 

The top 9 kilig moments of TonDeng are: 

Their first meeting - As fun as it was to watch Andeng sing to Eraserhead’s “Ligaya” in Anton’s office, wasn’t it just so kilig when Anton didn’t stop her?? He enjoyed watching her let go, have fun, and it was so sweet <3 And the surprise on Andeng’s face when she realized she had an audience was just priceless! 

Their first date - Wasn’t it so romantic of Anton to take Andeng out on a yacht? Too bad she got seasick. :( But what’s kilig about this moment was when Anton didn’t even flinch, wasn’t grossed out that she threw up, and immediately took care of her! <3 

Germany - Now, there were a lot of kilig moments in Germany, but we only put in their horse drawn carriage tour, where they bonded and their relationship went from just professional to friendly (or maybe more, as we were all probably thinking then :> ) 

Ilocos serenade - This was after their wedding, when they took Kitty (Hannah Vito) and Lucas (JK Labajo) to Ilocos for a short vacation. Even though that trip was about family and getting Lucas to accept them, Anton couldn’t help but sneak in a romantic moment or two with his new wife and serenaded her under the moonlight <3 <3 <3 

Anton’s confession - Now THIS was on the list even before we made the list! Who could forget Anton’s confession? His sincere declaration of love for Andeng under the pouring rain is one of the most iconic scenes of “A Love To Last,” don’t you think? SO KILIG!! 

Their first kiss - Who wouldn’t get kilig over a kiss, their first kiss at that? :> I’m sure we all felt relief when Andeng finally gave in to her feelings for Anton and probably screamed in our seats when he pulled her in for a kiss!!! 

The proposal - This probably caused a lot of tears for a kilig moment, but who wouldn’t tear up at Anton’s sincere and oh so hopeful proposal of marriage? He was so sure of his love for Andeng that he couldn’t wait to spend the rest of his life with her and she felt the same way! The tears when she said yes!!! <3 Isn’t that what all we want in life, a love so sure, so true? *swoons* 

Their wedding - TonDeng’s life together finally begins! They said their vows, were pronounced husband and wife, and sealed the deal with a kiss! 

Their honeymoon - The moment every TonDeng fan was waiting for. Do I even need to explain why? :> 

Grabe, the kilig! 

Catch the last 5 nights of “A Love To Last” on Primetime Bida after “La Luna Sangre.”