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#GhostMonth2017: Nash shares road encounter with a ‘headless ghost’

Nash almost runs over a headless pedestrian?

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

9/15/2017 in News
#GhostMonth2017: Nash shares road encounter with a ‘headless ghost’

It’s hard not to notice a lot of things when driving along the streets of Manila. 

Anyone who’s ever tried this knows that you can see all sorts of things when on the road. Sometimes we distracted by them and get ourselves into accidents, so we’re advised to always be cautious. 

But what if the thing that you think you saw wasn’t really there? Or… just wasn’t supposed to be there? 

Nash Aguas was on his way home one night when he chanced upon something like this and almost got himself into an accident. 

“Nagda-drive ako pauwi, recently lang, kasama ko ‘yung PA (personal assistant) ko, biglang may nakita ako dito sa headlight ko na t-shirt, parang mababangga kong tao. Sabi ng PA ko, ‘Uy! Uy!’” he shared in our exclusive interview with him after the bloggers conference of his upcoming primetime series “The Good Son” last Thursday, September 14. 

“So [umiwas] lang ako kaunti, tapos tiningnan ‘yung side mirror ko, kaso ito ‘yung kotse ko tapos may kasunod kaming truck, na kung nandoon na ko sa gilid, sobrang dikit eh,” he continued. “Posible [at] malamang mababangga niya ‘yung taong ‘yun. Tapos tahimik lang kami. Sabi ko, ‘Nakita mo ‘yun? May ulo o wala?’ Wala, walang ulo.” 

It was an unnerving experience for Nash so what he did after was distract himself the best way he could until he got home. “Simula no'n, nagdadasal na 'ko pauwi habang nagda-drive ako tapos nagpapatugtog akong malakas.” 

Restless spirits feel most at ease, wandering at night and like to cause chaos by playing tricks to those who are living. 

Almost every supernatural we’ve ever heard of do this, including the formidable mimic ghosts who like to imitate human forms and sounds to lure their victims. 

Learn more about them in the Korean blockbuster “The Mimic”, now showing in cinemas nationwide. 

From “Hide and Seek director Huh Jung, “The Mimic” is about a mother named Hee-yeon who moves to her hometown near Mt. Jang, wishing her mother-in-law remembers how she lost Hee-yeon’s longing son, Jun-suh. 

One day, near a cave at Mt. Jang, Hee-yeon meets a girl in tatter and reminds of Jun-suh. Feeling sympathy, Hee-yeon decides to spare a bed until she finds the girl’s parents. Gradually, the girl mimics Hee-yeon’s daughter, Jun-hee’s name, voice, and look; eventually, calling Hee-yeon, mom. 

As the girl enters the house, strange things begin to happen to the family and at last, the mother-in-law who suffered from auditory hallucination disappears to the cave with the legend about a mysterious creature. Will Hee-yeon find her son? Will this family find happiness again? 

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