Wil, handa nang maging ama?
Wil: "I wish I had a better story"
Doreen Penilla
by Doreen Penilla
9/13/2017 in News
Wil, handa nang maging ama?

"I'm gonna be a father!" Wil Dasovich exclaimed while laughing, on his YouTube video post yesterday, September 12.


The Fil-Am vlogger, who recently got diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer, has documented his trip to the hospital, and the not-so-romantic way of how he underwent fertility preservation.


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Before doing the "deed" to get his male specimen, Wil, always the funny guy, dedicated a message to his future children, saying, "My message to my future kids.. I wish I had a better story to how you guys were conceived but... You know, I was just here in this couch by myself with my left..."


Wil had to freeze his specimen because he will undergo chemotherapy the next day, which might leave him in a high risk of infertility.


By the end of the video, the 26-year-old vlogger said he received the results of the procedure, and proclaimed that it was a success.


"Appropriate sperm [count] is 44 million per drop or something? Your boy [Wil] had 55 million."


Watch Wil's documentation here:



Wil is a former housemate of "Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7."