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Janella defends her mother Jenine's 'protectiveness'
Janella ironing things out with mom Jenine
Chandral Selim
by Chandral Selim
9/13/2017 in News
Janella defends her mother Jenine's 'protectiveness'

Janella Salvador has come to the defense of her mother Jenine Desiderio in spite of their misunderstandings. 

In a recent interview with PEP, Janella first justified her mother's alleged criticisms of her on-screen leading man Elmo Magalona. 

When asked whether or not her mother is in favor of Elmo in her life, the actress-singer answered:

"Hindi naman sa ayaw. I think ang problem lang talaga is… mothers are really protective when it comes to their children."

"So, whoever... kung sinuman ang lumapit diyan, gusto nila i-make sure na worthy and all."

She continued, "She's just being a mother and she really wants to know him or whoever man.”

Janella also insisted that her misunderstanding with Jenine is something all daughters experience with their mothers, albeit not so publicly. She believes that they will patch things up soon enough. 

"We're just going through normal things that a mother and daughter go through...eventually, I believe everything will gonna be okay naman," she explained. "Kasi, in the end, she is still my mother. Maaayos. Maaayos. In God's time, maaayos siya."

Janella starred in the suspense-thriller "Bloody Crayons" with Elmo, Jane Oineza, Maris Racal, Diego Loyzaga, Sofia Andres, Yves Flores, Empoy Marquez, and Ronnie Alonte.