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As early as now, MayWard and KissMarc are already ‘thinking’ actors

“Loving in Tandem” director, writer attest to Maymay, Edward, Kisses, and Marco’s creativity

Rowena Joy Sanchez
Rowena Joy Sanchez

9/13/2017 in News
As early as now, MayWard and KissMarc are already ‘thinking’ actors

Newbies in the business are usually expected to simply follow what they’re told. It’s understandable since they’re just starting out and are still learning the ropes of how things go.
Perhaps, though, times have really changed, with the younger generation more curious, more aware, and more adventurous towards life. Take for instance “Loving in Tandem” stars Maymay Entrata, Edward Barber, Kisses Delavin, and Marco Gallo, who were hands-on for their character development in the film.
“Loving in Tandem” writer Kristine Gabriel shared a story of how these young, passionate dreamers collaborated with her while she was writing the film.
“Happy sila na tinanggap nila [‘yung project] pero ang dami nilang tanong,” she said at the film's Bloggers Conference last week. “Nagulat tuloy ako. For example, si Kisses. ‘Ate, ‘yung character ko dito, ganito, ganyan…’ Dun ko na-realize na itong mga kids na ‘to, hindi lang sila basta… hindi lang sila baguhan. Baguhan sila pero they’re beyond that. May lalim sila as actors.”
Edward, meanwhile, heeded her SOS when she was writing his lines. She called him her “English department,” and would often throw his suggestions on making his lines more natural.
“Hirap na hirap ako sa mga lines niya,” Kristine admitted. “Pero sasabihin sa’kin ni Edward na, ‘Ate Kristine I think it will be more casual if I say it this way.’ Tapos minsan magpapa-revise si Direk ng script. ‘Dyusko, Edward, English department, help!’ Ganun silang klaseng actors… Writing characters for them, sa totoo lang, honor po siya sa’kin.”
Direk Giselle Andres, who marks her big-screen directorial debut with “Loving in Tandem,” also attested to Maymay, Edward, Kisses, and Marco’s promising creativity as actors.
The four were given respective pointers for their characters, and when they got more comfortable on the set, “meron na silang sariling bigay,” Direk Giselle noted.
“Natututo na sila, tsaka nagtatanong na sila. ‘Direk, would my character do this? I don’t think my character would do this,’” she recalled. “Tapos kunwari magte-take ako, hanggang dito lang ‘yung dinirek ko pero nagro-roll pa rin, may binibigay pa sila. Nakikita mo na nai-imbibe talaga nila. Ang laki ng potential kasi naggu-grow.”
They also were able to establish a good working relationship with the talented supporting cast composed of the likes of Kakai Bautista, Ketchup Eusebio, Thou Reyes, and Carmi Martin.
“Iwan mo sila, mag-uusap sila. Nakabuo sila ng bonding, nakabuo sila ng character kung paano sila. ‘Yung pamilya ni Luke at ni Tupe, pinagsama-sama ko silang magkakapatid. ‘Ito ka sa pamilya…’ After nun nung nagsama-sama na sila, ay meron na silang kanya-kanyang relation. Sobra talaga akong natulungan,” she related.

"Loving In Tandem" follows the story of Shine (Maymay Entrata), a positive and determined girl who will do everything for her family. She meets the balikbayan Luke (Edward Barber) in the most unusual circumstance and later on finds herself experiencing various stages of love – as they get closer.
With a bit of a language barrier getting in the way (or not, really), the two accidentally put themselves in an awkward (but nonetheless, kilig!) situation when Luke announced in their entire barangay that Shine is his “JOWA.”
Will the language of their hearts triumph over whatever differences Shine and Luke have? How will they change each other’s lives?
Find out today, September 13, as “Loving in Tandem” is now showing in cinemas nationwide!