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#ALTLFears Recap: Celba and Silverio’s partnership
Tamang hinala si Andeng (Bea) kay Grace (Iza), but Anton (Ian) doesn't seem to listen #ALoveToLast
Danielle Aquino
by Danielle Aquino
9/13/2017 in News
#ALTLFears Recap: Celba and Silverio’s partnership

Andeng (Bea Alonzo) realized that having her husband Anton (Ian Veneracion) away was harder than she thought on yesterday's (September 12) episode of “A Love To Last,” especially since she heard his ex-wife Grace (Iza Calzado) followed him to Hong Kong. 

Anton found out that Celba recently signed a partnership contract with Silverio Hernandez Shipping for the Asia-Pacific region, meaning he would have to work with Grace as he is the regional head. He tried to ask Phillip if there was a way out of that contract, not wanting to work with Grace again, but the chairman said Celba Global’s been eyeing Silverio for longer than Anton’s been in the company and won’t break a contract with them just because he doesn’t think he can work with them. 

Anton, of course, had to tell his wife and that conversation did not go well. 

He told Andeng about Celba and Silverio’s partnership and how that would mean he might need to work with Grace. He explained how he asked to get Celba out of the contract, but was told there was nothing he could do as the deal was finalized before he became the head of the region. He then said he would try to convince Grace to back out of the deal instead, but Andeng was sure his ex wouldn’t back down. 

Andeng was sure Grace planned this all, as a way to get him back because she's still in love with him, and told her husband so. Anton still wouldn’t believe it, couldn’t believe that Grace would enter a multi-million dollar contract just because of her feelings for him. He told her there was nothing he can do about it anymore and Andeng took that to mean she had no choice but to accept it. 

Aware that they were beginning to fight, Anton suggested that they discuss this later when they can do it in person. Andeng agreed and promptly hung up. 

Back in Manila, Chloe (Julia Barretto) overheard her mom Grace discuss a business deal between Silverio and Celba over video chat. She told her mom that she hopes she was really going to Hong Kong for business because it seemed like she was just following her dad. Grace scolded Chloe for doubting her, for thinking the worst of her. She asked her daughter to trust that she wouldn’t do anything that would harm her and her siblings and even their dad. 

Is Grace’s business in Hong Kong purely professional, or does she have a hidden agenda regarding Anton? Can Andeng do anything to soothe the insecurities and fears she’s feeling about her husband being away and his ex right on his tail? Tune in tonight for an all-new episode of “A Love To Last” on Primetime Bida after “La Luna Sangre.” Missed the previous episode? Catch it on iwanttv.com.ph.