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Tarsier Records aims to introduce new wave of music to PH - and beyond

Meet the first four local artists to sign a contract under Tarsier Records!

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

8/31/2017 in News
Tarsier Records aims to introduce new wave of music to PH - and beyond

Tarsier Records held a contract signing with its first batch of artists today, August 31, at the Star Music office.


Sam Concepcion, Markus, Moophs, and Xela are the first four artists out of the nine to sign a deal with Tarsier, a new division under Star Music.


Chris Lopez (Moophs), International Music Content Officer of Star Music, shared that the main goal of Tarsier is to become the bridge for Pinoy artists to have an opportunity to enter the global music scene.


Moophs said, "I think beyond being a platform for the nine artists we're launching with, the vision of Tarsier is to be a platform for Filipino talent to heard, as it deserves to be, on the world stage."


Sam added that Tarsier is introducing a new sound to the country.


"There's a big, untapped market out there that no one has ever tried to risk. And I think that's what's so great about Tarsier, because we're doing something new, and we're ready to be globally competitive," he said.


The Tarsier team has tied up with Sweater Beats, a US-based DJ-producer, for their first international partnership.


"We're gonna do a collaboration (with Sweater Beats). And we hope to have him headline one of our shows next year. So, that's the start of the bridge between the PH scene and the international scene, which is one of the core strategies of Tarsier," Moophs said.


What exactly is this new wave of music that Tarsier is introducing to the local music industry?


Moophs explained, "Tarsier is fundamentally electronic, pop, and urban music. It's kind of like, if you think about Chainsmokers, that pop-meets-EDM (electronic dance music) thing, that sweet spot."  


In the album, Moophs shared that there is also a dash of the familiar R&B sound, saying, "Sam and Markus bring a lot of R&B flavor but more like future R&B, this new wave of sound that's coming in now."


"If there is a word of it... It's future R&B," Sam said.


Electronic music is the palette, but the sky is the limit for their sound, according to the team.


Moophs also expressed his appreciation for the artists he's working with.


He said, "I'm thrilled to be here. These are some of the greatest artists I've ever had the opportunity to work with. I'm just really excited to share what we've been creating since March this year. I think the content speaks for itself. I can't wait for you guys to hear it."


On September 8, Tarsier will release the first cycle of their album, with eight original tracks that are all launching on Spotify and YouTube. They will also produce three music videos, which will also be available on the said video-sharing service.


Tarsier Records are already working on their second cycle; and they will also have the next batch of contract signing for their five remaining artists next week.


The music is industry is surely bright for the Philippines, and we can't wait to hear a new sound from Tarsier!