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Why Paul and Toni are saying ‘no!’ to spoiling Baby Seve

How Paul and Toni are training Baby Seve for the real world

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

8/3/2017 in News
Why Paul and Toni are saying ‘no!’ to spoiling Baby Seve

Paul Soriano and Toni Gonzaga are training their son Baby Seve to be quite the man.


In a recent interview with PUSH, the couple talked about the challenges of parenting and how they’re opting out of spoiling and coddling their first born to prepare him for the ups and downs of life.


“It’s a challenge to not give your son what he wants when you know you can give him what he wants. It’s a discipline not just for our son but also for us parents. We’re learning to discipline,” Toni said.


According to the Ultimate Multimedia Star, she has patterned her disciplining style after her parents Pinty and Carlito’s.


“Ayokong masanay [si Seve] na every time na umaalis merong nabibili kasi noong bata naman kami tuwing magmo-mall kami hindi naman namin nabibili lahat. So gusto ko in a way ma-experience niya ‘yung ganoon, ‘yung hindi lahat ng bagay sa mundo makukuha mo kasi in real life hindi naman talaga ganun," she explained.


Her husband is, of course, on-board with letting Baby Seve get used to not having it easy all the time. Backing Toni up, he said, “Like for example just the other week we had to put him in a car seat now when we travel. Every time we put him in the car seat he cries all the time.”


“Because of course he wants to go to us but you know you’re in traffic and he’s crying and we both want to get him but we know we need to make sure that he’s safe. So mga ganoon, it breaks our heart but we have to accept it,” he continued.


Baby Seve will celebrate his first birthday this coming September 30.