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How Richard explains Sandrino to son Zion

What does Zion do when daddy Richard does something “naughty”?

Marty Hsu
Marty Hsu

8/3/2017 in News
How Richard explains Sandrino to son Zion

Richard Gutierrez takes his role as a baddie on “La Luna Sangre” like everybody should. He enjoys it. 

Even though it’s his first time playing a villain, Richard shared that he has gotten pretty fond of it already. 

“It’s my first time doing this kind of character and I must admit that I’m really enjoying it,” he revealed in an interview with PUSH.

He added, “As an actor, I’m really having fun recreating and having fun with my character. It’s a different light on me. It’s fun.” 

“La Luna Sangre” is enjoyed by many and has been doing well with ratings, even his son Zion likes watching it too… Well, except the parts when his dad’s character Sandrino goes on his evil ways. 

Richard said, “Yeah, he watches every night. I watch with him when I have the chance. But he covers his eyes every time I come out or every time I do something naughty, you know?” 

But, of course, he and fiance Sarah Lahbati never fails to remind Zion that his dad isn’t really Sandrino. 

“We explain to him that Sandrino, my character, is not Dada. Dada is Dada and Sandrino is a different person, we explain that to him,” he shared. 

“La Luna Sangre” also stars Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla, and more. It airs weeknights on ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida.