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Here's why Gerald Anderson keeps career-focused

Gerald, ibinunyag ang kanyang mga takot patungkol sa kanyang karera

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

8/23/2017 in News
Here's why Gerald Anderson keeps career-focused

Turns out even an established star like Gerald Anderson has a deep-seated dread of being deemed irrelevant. 

The actor recently spoke to PEP, and got rather candid about his fear that he might get "laos" sometime in his showbiz career. However, Gerald is known for his optimism, and so he turns this fear into productivity. 

"Takot ako na baka I’m not good enough. Baka hindi ako bagay sa role," he shared.

He continued, "Ang dami kong oportunidad na nakukuha dahil sa popularity ko, 'yung power at influence para maka-inspire ng maraming tao dahil nga sa pagiging artista ko. Nakakatakot mawala.”

He added, "There’s always fear, but I turn it into parang motivation ko."

Gerald has churned out two films this year, first the quirky rom-com "Can We Still Be Friends?" with Arci Munoz and second, the action-thriller "AWOL" which is deemed as the movie that jumpstarted the country's "Actionnaissance".

So it sure seems like it's still a long road ahead for our favorite Amboy. 

"AWOL," directed by Enzo Williams, is still in theaters nationwide. Don't miss it!