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Kathryn takes 'fangirling' to epic levels

Save us, Wonder Kath!

Cheska Espina
Cheska Espina

8/21/2017 in News
Kathryn takes 'fangirling' to epic levels

Even one of the most versatile and best actresses of her generation like Kathryn Bernardo have their "fangirl" moments too and she is not exempted from doing something just for the sake of love for her idol Gal Gadot.

We all know that the Box Office Queen is a self-confessed fan of Hollywood's new Wonder Woman and she had recently took it to the next level.

What do we mean by next level? Literally channeling the inner superheroine in herself – the hair, the costume and even the sexy body. ❤️

E P I C!

Meanwhile, we can see her be a heroine like Wonder Woman as she plays Malia/Miyo in the hit primetime series "La Luna Sangre."

It airs weekdays on Primetime Bida before "A Love To Last.”