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How Tanner likes to ‘change it up’

You’re gonna want to watch this video of Tanner showing and explaining his workout routine! 🔥🔥🔥

Marty Hsu
Marty Hsu

8/18/2017 in News
How Tanner likes to ‘change it up’

If you’ve taken a good look at Tanner Mata (admit it, we all have), then you know that he’s not just a pretty face. He’s got irresistible charm and a killer physique too!


On an episode of “Sports U” aired last Thursday, August 17, the “Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7” alum shared his intense gym routine that work outs everything: his arms, chest, shoulder, legs, and of course, the abs.


Tanner also revealed that this is just one of his many routines as he likes to change things up as a way of continuing to challenge himself and his body.


“Actually I don’t stick to a specific routine. I switch it up every week. If you do the same thing every week, it gets repetitive and boring first of all,” said Tanner.


He added, “Second, your muscles tend to remember what it keeps doing so it eventually stops being productive for your muscles. Changing it up helps your muscles grow and change.”


As an aspiring actor and a member of “ASAP Cover Boys”, Tanner knows that he needs to be in his best shape and maximum strength.


It all sounds good to hear, 'no? But wait until you actually see him at it.