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Sunshine Cruz aims for master’s degree
What does Sunshine want to be in the future?
Regina Tabora
by Regina Tabora
8/12/2017 in News
Sunshine Cruz aims for master’s degree

Sunshine Cruz is the living definition of beauty and brains.

In an Instagram post yesterday, August 12, the actress shared how important education is to her - even until now that she’s forty years old.

“I entered showbiz when I was 15 and I became very busy with tapings and shoots back then but I still tried my best to finish HS. Married young and had to prioritize the family especially the kids but still pursued one of my dreams, that is to finish college… I graduated BA Psychology at age 39
😉 ” she wrote.

Sunshine further shared that her number one dream is to become a psychologist.

“Will pursue my master’s degree in Psychology when I've saved enough for my children. Someday I will be a Psychologist and I'm claiming it,” she said.

Sunshine is part of the primetime series “Wildflower.”