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#LaLunaSangreSugatan Scene of the Day: Moonchaser through and through
This Moonchaser won’t bow down to Supremo (Richard) #LaLunaSangre
Danielle Aquino
by Danielle Aquino
8/11/2017 in News
#LaLunaSangreSugatan Scene of the Day: Moonchaser through and through

While the Moonchasers recuperate and hide where it’s safe, Tristan’s (Daniel Padilla) family continued to worry over him as Madam Star’s (Mel Kimura) earlier vision of danger scared them immensely on last night’s (August 10) episode of “La Luna Sangre.”

Their last battle really took a toll on the Moonchasers, even Prof. T (Albert Martinez), who always seemed to be somewhat carefree (Remember how indifferent he was when Nognog [Francis Magundayao] was bitten?). Despite his own injuries, he worked to give all the Moonchasers a serum that would save them from the toxins of the vampires; and another one that healed injuries faster - a synthesized combination of wolf blood and vampire blood (ooohh that sounds important! Take note, guys!)

But while those Moonchasers were severely incapacitated, one wasn’t. Weak and bloodied, this Moonchaser was taken from the group by the few vampires that survived the battle and was brought to Supremo (Richard Gutierrez) himself. That’s right! I’m talking about Rambo (Lance Pimentel).

When Supremo first asked him for information on their group, Rambo refused to answer. He told Supremo to kill him instead. But Supremo did something else - he bit Rambo!

Our scene of the day takes place after Rambo woke up as a vampire. It went like this:

  • Rambo’s eyes popped open to show his new red vampires eyes (woah ang creepy)
  • Then he jumped up, powered with his new strength (ang bilis!)
  • Supremo asked again for information on the Moonchasers (NO RAMBO! Don’t do it!)
  • But Rambo still didn’t give in! “Hindi ko ipapahamak ang mga kaibigan ko! Mas pipiliin ko pang mamatay kaysa makasakit ng iba!” (YES! This young man’s got a lot of heart!! DON’T GIVE IN, RAMBO!)
  • Rambo attacked Supremo, using his new vampire strength to fight (ohmygod i don’t know if this is such a good idea?)
  • When the other vampires tried to stop him to protect Supremo, their leader called them off (ang yabang!)
  • Rambo attacked again, using his super cool fighting skills to try and beat Supremo (WOAH ANG COOL PANOORIN GUYS)
  • ...but Supremo dodged all his attacks (ugh Supremo you make it look so easy)
  • Supremo catches Rambo by the neck and threw him to the side (NO RAMBO HUHU)  

Looks like Rambo’s gonna be stuck with the vamps for a while. STAY STRONG, BB!

Meanwhile, the deaths of the Moonchasers were made public, explained as youth volunteers who were killed when Sen. Mallari (Joey Marquez) was attacked, and Lemuel (Khalil Ramos) recognized their photos from the news. He shared with the others that they were all part of a group that knew he was a vampire and tried to kill him. This led Gael (Bryan Santos) to conclude that they were a group of vigilantes with a grudge against vampires and suggested they find them to join forces.

Will Rambo stay true to the Moonchasers? And will Malia’s (Kathryn Bernardo) team find the Moonchasers? Catch an all-new episode of “La Luna Sangre” tonight on Primetime Bida after “FPJ's Ang Probinsyano."