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Maureen Wroblewitz speaks up about Jennica, Clara

How Maureen patched things up with fellow "AsNTM" contestants

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

7/7/2017 in News
Maureen Wroblewitz speaks up about Jennica, Clara

In a competition such as "Asia's Next Top Model" with various girls vying for the top spot, living in the same house, doing the same shoots everyday, it can truly get rough—and Maureen Wroblewitz, the winner for Season 5, was not spared from the show’s harsh reality.


In an interview with “Tonight with Boy Abunda,” yesterday July 6, Maureen recounted how she felt when her spirits were almost crushed during the competition and how she kept her focus.


“I stayed focused by thinking, I wanna really make the Filipinos proud. A Filipina has never won. So that was my main... that made me focus,” Maureen said.


She also admitted that the "bullying" in the competition almost made her give up. When asked about how she felt when the argument with Pinay competitor Jennica Sanchez happened, Maureen said, “By that time I was feeling like I wanted to give up. But then the next week she actually got eliminated and that’s when I knew I’m the last Filipina. And now I have to fight.”





Maureen said that she and Jennica were able to talk things through after the entire competition and that her kababayan apologized for the incident.


An Indonesian competitor, Clara Tan, who also questioned Maureen’s stay in the house saying that she is “a pretty face with no skill,” has also cleared the air with Maureen. When Clara got eliminated, she wrote a note for Maureen, saying she deserves a spot in the race.


“Maybe she (Clara) felt threatened. Maybe she didn’t understand why I was still in the competition kicking out all the other girls who have much more experience. Maybe she felt like she had to bring me down so that she’s gonna, like, stay longer. So I kinda understand it ‘cause she’s very competitive,” Maureen said.



What’s next for Maureen?


“I wanna stay here in the Philippines, focus on my modeling career, because we might move to London next year, but it’s not sure yet. I really wanna stay in the Philippines and celebrate with everyone because I’m the first Filipina to win,” she shared.