#ReelxReal: Nadine’s sexy secret

THE NEW SEXY: Nadine Lustre teaches us her ways in this ReelxReal interview!

Marty Hsu
Marty Hsu

7/7/2017 in REEL/REAL
#ReelxReal: Nadine’s sexy secret

“Why Nadine Lustre?” echoed the sad cries of doubters when she was announced as the No. 1 sexiest in FHM Philippines' much talked about list. 


Make no mistake, this title is well-deserved because Nadine isn’t just sexy. She gave the word a whole new meaning. 


She waited a shot at fame. She worked hard to get to the top then of course, became one-half of inarguably the most dynamic love team in the country today.


She turned herself into a Philippine pop culture icon and probably because she never strictly followed rules. Nadine made her own and became an image of this free-spirited new wave generation. Haters may disagree but they know it’s true. The tables were turned when she arrived and sure enough, loyal followers were spawned. 


This makes her one of the best players in the game and embodies that part to the full extent. Nadine continues to break grounds and landing on top of this “sexiest” list is one good example.


In the interview we had with the Kapamilya star today, July 7, she revealed that she’s recently been doing intense “white t-shirt” dance sessions with G-Force founder Georcelle Dapat-Sy and training her body to keep fit by eating more. 


Confused? This is how she does it: “Hindi pa ulit kasi ako nakakabalik ng gym. My metabolism kasi is really fast kasi I trained it to be like that. Just eat the right food, tapos I eat more than five times a day.” 


For someone who’s just starting out, however, Nadine suggested, “Controlled eating.” 


“That’s what I always say. ‘Yung ‘pag feeling mo kakain ka kunwari, tapos feeling mo malapit ka na mabusog, you stop eating,” she explained. 


And one thing that’s always on her diet? “Chicken. Kahit ano basta chicken. I eat chicken every day. Roasted chicken… I don’t eat pork na kasi.” 


But all these fitness secrets won’t apply if you don’t have this important element: confidence. 


According to Nadine, “For me, confidence talaga eh. If you’re confident, lalabas talaga ‘yan at lalabas. Sexiness, for me, it’s not physical, it’s never physical.” 


We don’t know about you guys, but that’s the exact perception we want on everyone. And Nadine has the standards high on confidence, wits, and pushing boundaries. 


Now, that’s sexy. 




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