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First-ever Pinay to win ‘Asia’s Next Top Model’ shares her story

Plus, Anjelica, Jennica address issue with Maureen

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

7/4/2017 in News
First-ever Pinay to win ‘Asia’s Next Top Model’ shares her story

Besting 13 other candidates, Maureen Wroblewitz ultimately emerged as the first-ever Filipina to clinch a victory at the modeling reality show "Asia’s Next Top Model" in its fifth season. 
Her journey towards the “top,” however, was nothing short of challenging. In her recent interview with "Rated K" last Sunday, July 2, there were a few more things we learned about Maureen.
Life before “Top Model”
Maureen was born in Saudi Arabia. Shortly, her German father decided to bring their family to Germany. At the age of 15, Maureen was discovered on Instagram as a model. She then flew to the Philippines to try her luck in the industry.
Her manager Chinie Go was the one who encouraged her to join "Asia’s Next Top Model." Chinie says that Maureen’s smile and eyes have a special glow on them. Maureen stands 5'6”, a bit short for the modeling scene, but for Chinie, height is not an issue, as long as you have a great personality.
After winning the title, Maureen admits that she regrets not having her mother to witness her success. Back in 2009, her mother passed away due to breast cancer. “We used to be very religious. And then I would always want go to my mom and we pray together because my mom was sick, so I always wanted to pray with her,” says Maureen.
Living in the model house
Aside from being one of the shortest, youngest, and most inexperienced in the competition, she also had her share of issues with some girls inside the model house, including fellow Pinay competitors Anjelica Santillan and Jennica Sanchez.
“Pretty face with no skill,” “fake,” were some of the words thrown at Maureen during the course of the stiff competition. "Rated K" was able to get in touch with Anjelica and Jennica to hear their side over what happened, among them during the filming of the reality show.
“Siguro dala na rin ng competition kaya ganun parang lahat siguro sa paningin niya (Maureen) kalaban niya kahit kapwa Pilipino,” says Anjelica.
Jennica, whom Maureen had one of the most heated arguments with during the cycle, says, “For me, it’s not really my intention to hurt her feelings, or kapwa Pinay eh gaganunin ko. Siguro I’m too focused on myself to win this competition for my country, Philippines. Sobrang okay po kami since inside the house. Okay po talaga kami.”
The 19-year-old Filipina has a message for those who feel like they are being bullied: “That you should not mind them. You should just focus on yourself, you know what you want to do, you know your dream, so you should focus on yourself. And you should focus on the positive things and the people you love and who love you.”
That’s the spirit, Maureen!