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This ex -'PBB' teen housemate found success outside showbiz!

Do you still remember Mikee Lee?

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

7/3/2017 in News
This ex -'PBB' teen housemate found success outside showbiz!

Remember Mikee Lee?
The former actor, who was first runner-up on "Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition 1", the same edition that gave us Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson, is now a pretty successful guy working as a strategy and planning professional in Singapore.
Remembering his brief stint in show business  in a recently published PUSH exclusive, Mikee said it's hard not to miss that time in his life.
“It was a pretty entertaining time - a lot of highs and lows and [I had] a chance to meet some interesting and influential people. I will miss the friends I had made, some are still in show business and some have moved on," he said.
"I will also miss the shoots, production numbers and the times we would go around the country to meet fans and supporters. Looking back, that was a pretty cool time. I think being in front of a lot of people all the time helped me build quite a bit of confidence that helps me now."
But it looks like Mikee has no plans to come back any time soon. 
He explained, “For the past few years I was working for a consumer goods company, where I helped identify growth opportunities for a portfolio of brands in the region. This is also where I learned what good work looks like."
He continued, "Starting this year, I will be working for a firm that invests in and builds new businesses in Asia - where I will contribute to find ways to grow portfolio companies."
Cheers to you, Mikee!


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