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Thought Picks: Don't drunk-text + other moving on tips from Bela Padilla

But there's one moving-on tip this actress has yet to pull off.

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

7/26/2017 in News
Thought Picks: Don't drunk-text + other moving on tips from Bela Padilla

Is there a fool-proof way to get over someone?


To love is to hurt, some say. When we decide to love, we have bought ourselves a ticket to getting hurt as well. And when it fails, how do we put the broken pieces back together?


Maybe time will heal all wounds, but wouldn't it be nice to have your very own antidote?


In a Kapamilya Chat interview posted yesterday, July 25, Bela Padilla gives us a taste of reality, through her very own tips on how to move on. Of course, we took notes!


1. Be 100% committed to moving on.


"Kailangan gumising ka one day na sasabihin mo 'okay na ako. Kaya ko nang maging masaya today,'" the Kapamilya actress said.


Convincing yourself through words that you've already moved on just isn't enough, people. Actions should be done, or else you're just going down the rabbit hole again and again... and again.


2. Delete old messages. Delete them all!


"'Pag nagbaback-read ka nung happy days, babalik sa'yo lahat eh. Kaya  nga siya lumang messages eh, kasi hindi na siya ganun sa'yo ngayon. Tanggapin mo yun," she elaborated.


As much as possible, fully commit to deleting all texts, chats, and threads that you still longingly keep.


3.  Do. Not. Drunk. Text.


"Kung iinom ka kasama ng friends, pahawak mo cellphone mo sa kanila." A straight-up piece of practical advice from Bela!


She added, "Hindi makakatulong sa'yo. hindi ka makaka-move on kasi andun eh, alam mong anytime pwede mong tawagan, pwede mong i-text."


It would help if you deleted your ex's number already, she said. Or if in case you still memorize it -- which I believe most of us are guilty of – then change your number! Clean slate! No buts!


4. Avoid "emo" posts on social media.


Bela admitted that this advice is one that she hasn't done herself yet, but wants to start doing ASAP!


Those lonely captions you put on your photos, those sad quotes that you like (yes your friends can see it!), and those lyrics you purposely put out there for your ex to see... Are not helping.


"Hindi naman dahil dun babalikan ka niya eh." Preach it, girl!


Ultimately, Bela stressed that there is a reason why your relationship did not work out, so it's best to just let go when it ends.


We can only learn, if we try. We've probably heard all the encouraging words of wisdom about love and how to unlove, but the real test is using the emotions – be it happy, sad, or angry – to move on and try to love again.