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Kathryn, Daniel are unapologetically beautiful!

We dissect what really makes KathNiel beautiful...

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

7/19/2017 in News
Kathryn, Daniel are unapologetically beautiful!

By Mia Gener


Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla – fondly called as one as KathNiel – are the cover stars of YES! Magazine's Most Beautiful Stars of 2017, and rightly so. One could go on and on about why they deserved the title.


Many would attribute it to the beauty of whatever exists between them – love, affection, candidness, you name it. Over the years, they’ve learned to keep it real, staying true to each other and to themselves. People around them have attested to their humility and kindness despite their success.


The love birds have only gotten more confident since they first started, but not without their own inner struggles as well.


Kathryn opened up about her own struggle with insecurity, intensified under the public eye’s constant scrutiny. “Before kasi, I had a lot of insecurities, ang dami kong doubt sa sarili ko, conscious ako,” she confessed to YES!


However, she gradually learned to embrace all that she is and has come to be. “Ngayon, feeling ko, eto 'yung stage na tinatanggap ko nang buong-buo 'yung sarili ko.”


Kathryn feels most beautiful when she loves herself for all that she is and isn’t. “The secret is not just to accept yourself, but to love yourself even more, para makita ng tao na you're beautiful. Makikita nila kung paano mo dalhin ang sarili mo, and 'yun 'yung ginawa ko over the years. I'm just being myself now and I feel most beautiful 'pag ganyan."


Even the seemingly chill Daniel, at one point, set "constricting" boundaries for himself. For him, sometimes, you just have to let loose and embrace your humanity. “Minsan… sa sobrang ingat mo, parang hindi na ikaw 'to, eh, 'di ba? Paminsan-minsan, kailangan mong bawiin ang sarili mo and be who you are, be human, kasi masarap ang maging tao.”


It isn’t exactly ideal to deal with insecurity while everyone’s watching, but KathNiel gracefully did it. They faced their insecurities head-on and matured from it. They may not have fully mastered the art just yet (who can, really?), but they’ve definitely come a long way from where they started.


Because of their growth as persons, KathNiel is stronger than ever before. Their confidence allowed them to exude a different kind of authenticity as a love team. While they grew as individuals, they grew together as well. For this reason, fans have come to love them even more.


“Feeling ko, minahal kami ng fans dahil nakikita nila 'yong sarili nila sa amin. At ayaw nating mawala 'yon, na kahit papaano, normal talaga siya sa amin,” said Kathryn.


This genuineness allows KathNiel’s display of affection to speak for itself even without spelling labels out. 


“Ano pa ba’ng kailangan sabihin? Wala na. Hindi na kailangang magsalita pa. Masyado nang klaro ‘yong mensahe na ipinaparating namin,” Daniel said.


KathNiel has shown us that the key to true beauty is this: being true to who you are and unapologetically loving yourself for it. It’s about time we take a page from their book and do the same.