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Lea defends ‘The Voice Teens’ contestant

Lea tells followers to #StopTheHate

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

7/18/2017 in News
Lea defends ‘The Voice Teens’ contestant

“The Voice of the Philippines Teens” coach Lea Salonga tweeted last night, July 17, to defend bashers of one of the shows artists, Isabela "Lala" Vinzon. Lala is the daughter of action star and film director Roi Vinzon, causing some people to think that the teen singer got in the reality show competition, only because of her father’s influence.
Afternoon yesterday, Lala, a "Kamp Kawayan" competitor, shared a photo capturing criticisms about her, with a tweet captioned, “Bilang isang anak, nasasaktan akong makita si mama na umiiyak dahil dito pumila po ako at nagpainit para makapag audition.”

The "FamiLea" coach expressed her opinion over Lala’s tweet, with her saying that the "Voice" hopeful went through the same process as all the other contestants of the show. And that it is her talent that got her through the stages.

Lea also tweeted that there are celebrities or child of celebrities who tried their luck, but it is really the auditions that make it or break it for them. The award-winning Broadway singer ended it with the hashtag #StopTheHate.


As a true coach and an inspiration to musicians, Lea also gave a piece of advice to all “The Voice Teens” contestants.

“The Voice Teens” airs Saturdays and Sundays on ABS-CBN.