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Welcome to the Moonstone Universe!
Fun, interactive, and immersive entertainment for the epic universe that includes "La Luna Sangre"
Danielle Aquino
by Danielle Aquino
7/17/2017 in News
Welcome to the Moonstone Universe!

If you’ve watched “La Luna Sangre,” then you’ve probably heard of the Moonchasers, the organization Tristan (Daniel Padilla) joined to get more information on vampires. And you’ve even seen the Moonchasers in action, fighting DJ-turned-vampire Lemuel Ruiz (Khalil Ramos) in the most recent episodes. But did you know that their small group is actually just a part of a much larger thing?

Introducing the Moonstone Universe!

Ays de Guzman, the creative manager of Star Creatives, along with his digital team, introduced the Moonstone Universe in a digital conference held today, July 17, as a great fan service project to honor the fans who continue to support the shows ”Lobo,” “Imortal,” and “La Luna Sangre” -- or the Moonstone Trilogy. It comprises of three major “divisions”: the Moonchasers website (www.moonchasers.ph), the YouTopia web series on iWantTV, and The Hack on ABS-CBN mobile.

Together, the three make up a fantastic way for fans to immerse themselves in the world of Moonstone Trilogy as they can join missions and help Tristan’s group of Moonchasers on the show by being the “online support.”

The digital team shared at the conference that the aim of the Moonchasers website was for fans to immerse themselves in the rich history of the Moonstone Trilogy, as well as answer questions and fill in gaps that the show does not address--to reveal the narrative not shown on TV.

The website also gives the fans access to join missions and solve cases alongside the Moonchasers on TV. Ays explained how there are three types of Moonchaser members: field agents, like Tristan and his friends; online support, meaning the fans and audience who signed up; and deep cover operatives. They also said that these missions may mean life or death for Malia (Kathryn Bernardo) or Tristan in the upcoming weeks!

Then we have the YouTopia project. YouTopia is a webseries produced by iWantTV to be exclusively released on their website, that revolves around how Supremo Sandrino’s (Richard Guiterrez) plans affected a small community.

Connected to the Moonchasers website via video blogs of one Ryan Magno, to be played by Axel Torres, the webseries follows the story of seven friends, three of whom disappear for six months and then come back different. The series will follow the investigation into their disappearance and the changes in their behavior.

Each episode of YouTopia will be five to 10 minutes long. The cast includes Axel Torres, Kate Alejandrino, Mary Joy Apostol, Gabby Padilla, Jal Galang, and Larissa Alivio.

And lastly, The Hack. Available only for ABS-CBN mobile users, it allows fans to be deep cover operatives of the Moonchasers organization.

The missions on the Moonchasers website are slated to begin next month. YouTopia premieres on July 20 on iWantTV after “La Luna Sangre” and will be released every Thursday.

Catch an all-new episode of “La Luna Sangre” weeknights on Primetime Bida after “FPJ's Ang Probinsyano.”  

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