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Maris, McCoy answer basher who attacked Elisse
Positivity prevails for these three.
Chandral Selim
by Chandral Selim
7/17/2017 in News
Maris, McCoy answer basher who attacked Elisse


Here's further proof that online bullies need to draw the line with their insults.

Yesterday, June 16, an anonymous Twitter user with the handle @JessicaRacal took a swipe at young actress Elisse Joson.

Songstress and actress Maris Racal didn't let this offensive criticism slip by. She wrote:

McCoy de Leon, Elisse's on-screen partner, also defended her with a heartwarming message that shows just how hurtful something as simple as a passing insult can truly be, and how friendship and companionship should not be made into something negative.

He said:




The netizen's sentiment seems to have been rooted from the fact that McCoy and Maris were previously paired before Elisse came into his life.

However, as evidenced by how Maris came to Elisse's aid (as well as in what they said in previous interviews), all is well between the parties.


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