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Erich admits feeling ‘uncomfortable’ over Xian Gaza’s advances
For the next guy who wants to make a move on Erich, there’s something she wants you to know…
Marty Hsu
by Marty Hsu
7/17/2017 in News
Erich admits feeling ‘uncomfortable’ over Xian Gaza’s advances

Erich Gonzales was just as surprised as the rest of us when Xian Gaza decided to put up a billboard just to ask her out for coffee.


"To be honest with regards that issue, noong una just like you guys, na-surprise ako, natuwa naman ako sa effort," she shared in an interview with PUSH.


It was flattering to her at first, just like how it would be to many when put on the receiving end of such a grand effort. But that feeling didn’t last that long for Erich, especially when there was something very off about it.


Nasty things started coming about Xian, scamming allegations here and there. In less than 24 hours, Xian turned from “that billboard guy” to a living meme.


"As things unfolded, naglabasan 'yung mga expose about him. Ako naman kasi personally lahat naman ng supporters ko na-appreciate ko lahat ng ginagawa nila, malaking bagay o maliit man ‘yan,” Erich added.


The lengthy posts Xian wrote for her on his Facebook page didn’t help either. “Nung una okay naman and then parang nagsimula na siyang mag-post ng mga long messages sa social media so parang naging... uncomfortable ako.” She continued, “After talking to my family and friends, I decided not to meet him.”


Erich, sure is one of the biggest stars in the country and one most beautiful girls in the planet, but really, she doesn’t need giant and highly publicized gestures to be impressed.


She told PUSH, "You don't have to do anything grand or whatsoever to get my attention, you know I'm a very simple girl.”


But her admirers have got to have some patience because Erich also shared that she’s not ready to get into a new relationship just yet.


"I'm very inspired, right now madami pong dahilan para maging masaya at maging grateful, andyan ang pamilya ko at mga kaibigan ko. May mga nagpaparamdam pero wala eh, 10 years pa muna and let's just focus muna sa magagandang bagay na nangyayari sa ‘tin ngayon," she ended.