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Ogie, ready na ba sa mga suitors ni Leila?
Ogie has only this to say about his daughter’s future suitors. See here!
Star Cinema Admin
by Star Cinema Admin
7/14/2017 in News
Ogie, ready na ba sa mga suitors ni Leila?

Ogie Alcasid’s 19-year-old daughter, Leila Alcasid, has been making a name for herself in the local scene since she moved to the Philippines last January. Blooming where she’s been planted, Leila’s been working on a number of projects and her social media following has been growing exponentially.

That’s not the only aspect in which the young lady has been blooming. Leila has been growing into a beautiful young woman as well, with many noting that she looks a lot like pop star Selena Gomez. 



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Ogie is not unaware that possible suitors may start lining up anytime soon. Although he has no qualms about his daughter entertaining suitors, he has only one major requirement for them to fulfill.

“I would appreciate siguro if they come to the house, get to know the family. Wala namang problema iyon. Dumaan naman tayong lahat doon,” he said in a recent interview posted on ABS-CBN News.

Ogie has definitely been intentional in guiding and spending time with his daughter while he can. In doing so, he fulfills his promise to Leila’s mother, former beauty queen Michelle Van Eimeren, to take good care of their daughter.



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“We are very hands-on, not only with her career but with her life,” Ogie said. “Pinangako ko kay Michelle na aalagaan namin siya. Every aspect of her life, we try not to be too pakialamero kasi siyempre she’s already 19, pa-adult na iyan. At the same time, gusto mong i-lead siya nang kaunti.”

Leila’s been receiving full support from her family, friends, and fans as she continues to venture into new projects, one of which is an upcoming album under Star Music.