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Marlon clears breakup rumors with Pia

Chill guys. Marlon has this to say about him and Pia.

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

7/12/2017 in News
Marlon clears breakup rumors with Pia

Marlon Stockinger and Pia Wurtzbach shippers, you can rest easy!

The Fil-Swiss race car driver maintained that everything is going well with him and his lady love, even though he allegedly unfollowed her on Instagram.

“We are just keeping it private. It’s always good to show everything, a lot a bit in the beginning but what matters is the two of us in the end behind closed doors,” he said in a report by ABS-CBN News today, July 12.

He added that they’ve decided to keep things more lowkey, and their relationship became even better because of it.

“It just means more quality time. It’s a great thing. You appreciate it more that way,” he said.

Marlon added that even though they’re busier with their careers now, the fire is still burning bright for them.

“We just appreciate those alone moments together more than anything,” he said.

Marlon also cleared up the issue of his unfollowing Pia, explaining it’s more of a test on what people would say more than anything.

“We are following each other and there’s no issue,” he said.

Pia and Marlon officially came out as a couple last January.