ReelxReal Editorial: Liza Soberano with all her might

How powerful is Liza Soberano, really? Here’s a ReelxReal feature that’ll answer that question

Marty Hsu
Marty Hsu

7/11/2017 in REEL/REAL
ReelxReal Editorial: Liza Soberano with all her might

This girl doesn't need a sob story to be relatable. Liza Soberano is THE millennial dream living in the grand reality of showbiz and here we sit, eyes on her glamorous life like it's the fairytale we all grew up watching. With a few, exciting twists this time. From playing Miss Universe to taking on the role of Darna, we can only guess how she’s going to top that! 

Being this beautiful may have played as an advantage for her, but it also became a source of doubt. But to question her talent and drive as an actress now would be just a waste of time. Liza didn’t claim her spot, everyone who adores her built one especially just for her and she earned every bit of it. 

At her age, Liza has already made a mark in the world. She has arrived. Gracefully. Nope, she wasn’t propelled right into stardom. 

We know she’s had her humble beginnings too. Because of that, she will continue to push boundaries, chase bigger things. And there’s no stopping her.  

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