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#ReelxReal Exclusive: Gerald spills about his firsts and his lasts!

Gerald talks first celeb crushes, why Jackie Chan will make him cry, and that one time he dislocated his shoulder with #ReelxReal.

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

6/6/2017 in News
#ReelxReal Exclusive: Gerald spills about his firsts and his lasts!

Gerald Anderson is a well-loved actor and there's a reason for that: he's incredibly true to himself at any given situation.
Gerald has no pretensions. We don't think pretension isn't even in his vocabulary. He's who he is and although he lives his life under the constant scrutiny of the country, he remains as an enigma. 
But that (sort of, kind of, maybe) ends today. 
Today, June 6, he sat down with ReelxReal, starcinema.com.ph's official digital magazine, and talked about his "Firsts and Lasts". Our conversation has given us incredible insight into how he lives his life, like how he begins and ends his day with a prayer, a glass of water and brushing his teeth. Intimate, isn't it?
Let's get right into it then, shall we?
1. Although he's incredibly athletic and is a basketball player as well as a triathlete, Gerald was "okay" with soccer. 
He said, "Football, soccer. Okay naman din ako, pero hindi ko lang natuloy."
2. He's a DC fan and worships Superman. 
He said, "Si Superman talaga 'yung number one eh kasi siyempre siya 'yung pinakamagaling, pinakamalakas sa lahat. Superman talaga. 'Pag dumating na si Superman, okay na ang lahat eh."
3. The first movie he ever saw was a Jackie Chan flick. 
"'Drunken Master,'" he answered immediately when asked what was the first movie he ever saw, "Kaya 'pag nakita ko si Jackie Chan, ewan ko, iiyak talaga ako siguro."
4. His first celebrity crush was none other than Bea Alonzo. 
"Siya 'yung first ever," Gerald said with a small smile. Must be nice to be dating your first crush ever (wink wink). 
5. His first date was in an arcade. 
"Sa Timezone...sa (General Santos) pa," he enthused. 
6. He once dislocated his shoulder before an "ASAP" show.
When asked about his first injury, Gerald revealed his worst:
"Ang pinakamalala ko, na-dislocate 'yung shoulder ko sa 'ASAP' pa. Natanggal siya sa socket, lumabas 'yung buto ko."
We're  glad he recovered smoothly!
7. He wouldn't tell us who his first love was. 
"First time na alam kong na-in love ako, noon 16 years old ako," he said and refused to go any further in a typical adorable Gerald way. 
8. He could binge-watch "Entourage". Any time, any day, anywhere. 
"From Season 1 to Season 8," he proudly declared. 
9. He keeps breaking his phone. 
"'Yung screen ng phone ko," he specified. 
He added, "Ang nakakatawa, last week lang basag siya, kakaayos ko pa lang tapos ayan na ulit. Hassle."
10. We asked Gerald about the last time he fell in love. This was his answer. In verbatim.
"Basta ano, recent. I'm always in love, WHOA!"
LOL! We love you Ge!
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Gerald stars in the upcoming film, "Can We Still Be Friends?"