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THOUGHT PICKS: Liza Soberano gets into the heart of the Universe

What Liza wants you to remember when life takes a toll on you

Marty Hsu
Marty Hsu

6/5/2017 in News
THOUGHT PICKS: Liza Soberano gets into the heart of the Universe

She was glad to be chosen to play as Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach on “MMK (Maalaala Mo Kaya)”, but there was something else that went through Liza Soberano’s head when she first heard the news.


“When I heard I was gonna be portraying her life story, I got really nervous. I got so pressured kasi of course, I wanna be able to do it well and I wasn’t sure if I could,” she confessed.


As everyone witnessed on the episode that aired last Saturday, June 3, Liza got over that doubt and did a really, really good job.


The online world rained with praises for her performance with of course, everyone gushing about how gorgeous she looked as a beauty queen.


More than the kind words she received, what Liza took with her from the experience are the things she learned from Miss “Confidently Beautiful With A Heart” herself.


In an interview with Metro magazine, she explained how Pia’s story touched her. Liza said, “She’s a very, very strong person and that she’s very confident. She was put down so many times. I look up to her now.


“She’s an inspiration to everybody, because she wasn’t purposely put down by people but sometimes life just finds a way to make you feel bad. So she was always in that situation and she always fought against it.


“She didn’t let anything put her down, she looked at the brighter side of things. Once she believed in something, she really pushed for it. I really admired that about her, she really reached for her goals in life. And that proves that you should never give up in something you believe in and something that you’re truly passionate about.


“You should just keep pushing forward, which she did and look where she is now. She’s Miss Universe. It took her three tries, to get where she is now but the success she got after is priceless and you can never take back anything from that one moment.


“I’m really happy for her that she got to experience all the downs muna before she got that sweet UP.”




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