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4 reasons why you should watch ‘Weightlifting Fairy’

The sweetest K-Drama with “swag” is coming to ABS-CBN!

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

6/28/2017 in News
4 reasons why you should watch ‘Weightlifting Fairy’

What exactly makes a K-Drama addictive?

It may be the fairytale-like plotlines, the dreamy leading men, or the quirky female leads, but no matter what the answer, there’s just something about them that makes it hard for us to hit the stop button and step away from our screens.

For “Weightlifting Fairy,” ABS-CBN’s latest Asianovela offering, there are four good reasons that’ll get you hooked, and we’re sure it’ll be the best addiction you’ll ever have in your life!


1. It’s a sports-centered drama


“Weightlifting Fairy” doesn’t have the usual K-Drama setup. It isn’t filmed in a pristine boarding school or a super sosyal getaway. Instead, it takes place in a super rare sports university where drama (surprisingly) happens. The sporty setup is also a good excuse to drag your boyfriend to watch with you! 😉


2. It has a strong female lead (literally!)


Kim Bok Joo (Lee Sungkyung) is the best weightlifter in her class, and she is also super bad*ss. Focused more on bringing success to her family than just sitting pretty, we’ll all definitely learn a thing or two from Bok Joo about prioritizing your dreams before anything else!

3. It’s primarily a friendship story


Before love blossoms, there needs to be a super solid foundation, and that’s exactly what we’re going to get from Bok Joo and Joonhyung (Nam Joo Hyuk). From going on impromptu food trips to supporting each other through thick and thin, you’ll find yourself smiling because of their pure friendship!


4. It has a super cute love story




Of course, K-Dramas are never K-Dramas without the kilig-filled scenes! You’ll find yourself squealing for joy every time the two leads touch, and wishing you had a boyfriend of your own to do them with. 😅

“Weightlifting Fairy” starts airing on July 10 on ABS-CBN!