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Why Mateo (John Lloyd) and Lia (Angel) were the best on-screen parents

Isang espesyal na pagsaludo kina Mateo (John Lloyd) at Lia (Angel)

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

6/26/2017 in News
Why Mateo (John Lloyd) and Lia (Angel) were the best on-screen parents

They might have bid farewell to us on "La Luna Sangre," but Mateo (John Lloyd Cruz) and Lia (Angel Locsin) will go down in history as one of the best parents in television history.
It’s obvious that it’s their deep love for daughter Malia (Erika Clemente) that made them superb parents, and we compiled five moments that really showed their unconditional love and would have us asking, “How far are you willing to go for the ones you love?”
1. When they gave up their powers to give Malia life

Mateo and Lia’s hearts broke when they saw that Malia was stillborn, but they held on to the hope that she will live again. They willingly gave up their powers just so their daughter could have a life. In a world where everyone is so power-hungry, that kind of act is just so commendable, don’t you think?
2. When they shared in Malia’s sadness

A lot of on-screen parents invalidate what their child is feeling, usually branding them as “drama” or “need for attention.” Mateo and Lia didn't do this, and instead shared in their daughter’s sadness. They comforted her and let her cry, and afterwards looked forward to better days together.
3. When they explained that love is immortal

Malia couldn’t wrap her mind around the idea that love lives on even after death, and her parents gently explained to her how that works. They told her that when you find a love so real and so true, you can’t just let it go.
It’s a difficult thing to explain “forever” to someone so young, and yet Mateo and Lia perfectly made Malia understand how important it was to give love without end.
4. When they never forgot to remind Malia that she was special

Mateo and Lia NEVER EVER made Malia feel like she wasn’t enough. They always told her she's special, that she mattered, that she is important, which is essential for building a child’s self-esteem. We’re sure Malia will never feel inferior (but never too full of herself either) when she grows up.
5. When they gave up their lives to save Malia

There is truly no act of greater love than to give up your life for someone you love, and Mateo and Lia’s sacrifice is proof of that. They willingly gave themselves up just so their daughter - and the whole world - could remain safe. THAT’S LOVE.

We’ll miss you, Mateo and Lia!