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Edward eyes lessons, growth from upcoming projects

How Maymay convinced Edward to sing in her album

Marty Hsu
Marty Hsu

6/26/2017 in News
Edward eyes lessons, growth from upcoming projects

Edward Barber is part of Maymay Entrata’s debut album lending his singing chops to two of her songs, “Baliw” and “Mahal Kita Kasi”. 
The “Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7” 4th Big Placer, however, confessed that growing up, he never really aspired to be a singer. 
“I’d never thought I’d be anywhere near singing. I’d never liked singing as much. Acting was always the thing I wanted to do more. But [to be in this album], I guess it’s a step forward for growing as well as an artist,” he said in an interview at Maymay’s Grand Album Launch last Wednesday, June 21. 
But he couldn’t say no to this, especially because Maymay was the one who asked him to be in it. 
He revealed, “When she said, ‘Hey, Edward. Can you be in it?’ Of course! It’s my way of supporting her as well.” 
Later Maymay shared that she thinks Edward really can sing. It’s just that he’s not really confident about it. She said, “Hindi siya po naniniwala sa sarili niya na marunong siya kumanta kasi narining ko boses niya, maganda eh. Marunong nga ‘yang mag-rap eh. Humble po siya. Parang tinatago niya muna.” 
Whether he is able or not, Edward wants to focus on honing his acting skills first. He said, “At the moment, I’d like to focus on the acting kasi that’s what’s coming up soon.” 
The two are starring in the upcoming film “Loving In Tandem” together with Kisses Delavin and Marco Gallo. But before that, Maymay and Edward will be joining the stellar cast of “La Luna Sangre” and that’s what he is really excited about now. 
He shared, “The thing I’m looking forward to the most is the experience that I’m gonna get from it. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.” 
“I’m looking forward to learning from veteran actors as well. I think I might annoy them a little bit with the questions I’m gonna ask, kasi I wanna learn from them,” he added. 
“So how am I preparing for it?” he said. “Of course, I’m doing my acting and Tagalog workshops. But it’s also a mental thing. You’re gonna be doing a lot of work. It’s gonna be long tapings. It’s gonna be hard, but I’m looking forward to this challenge.”