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Gretchen, Claudia: Nagkatampuhan, Nagpatawaran!

Gretchen, Claudia end misunderstanding with LOVE and AFFECTION!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

6/25/2017 in News
Gretchen, Claudia: Nagkatampuhan, Nagpatawaran!

Gretchen Barretto and niece Claudia Barretto have put their misunderstanding to rest by reaching out to each through Instagram.


Gretchen’s daughter Dominique urged her mom to “reach out and understand and forgive” Claudia when some netizens accused Claudia of disrespecting her aunt in interview when compared to each other.

Gretchen admitted she was “hurt” over this and took a jab at Claudia, but have taken Dominique’s advice and dedicated a post on this matter saying, “I realize that I am hurting and in the process, I have deeply hurt the ones I love dearly. My daughter, Dominique gave me a call yesterday to please reach out to Claui and understand her and forgive her.”

“Claui is considered Dominique's little sister and I consider Claui my very own child. I am learning the very painful way that as a mother, we must be selfless, we must forgo hurt, disappointment, we must be more understanding and patient,” Gretchen wrote.

“We must ignore the pain that our children make us feel, we must embrace them through their flaws and love them UNCONDITIONALLY. I do not want my Claui to be bashed in any way... I beg for understanding and forgiveness... Please allow us all to heal peacefully... I ask for forgiveness from my Instagram followers for spreading hurt and bitterness on my post. I ask for forgiveness from Claui for making her go through this hurt. Dominique my little one, you make me human in spite of all the pain. Thank you and I love you will never be enough,” she added.

Claudia later sent her gratitude and wrote back to her aunt via comment. She said, “Thank you for this post. I just want you to know that what I said was never meant to offend you nor disrespect you. It was maliciously and wrongfully viewed by the user who decided to take my comment largely out of context. As you know, I'm only starting my career and have yet to truly showcase my intelligence. It's difficult to do that now because of how nervous I can get sometimes when I'm asked questions. I have yet to get used to it and have yet to learn how to use the correct words. However, I still believe that what I said was not wrong. I hope you see the video, mama.”

Their followers then commended both parties for showing maturity and not letting issues break down their love.