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7 cute KathNiel moments from their ‘La Luna Sangre’ DigiCon

Literally just 7 new GIFs to fuel your KathNiel kilig #LaLunaSangre

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

6/21/2017 in News
7 cute KathNiel moments from their ‘La Luna Sangre’ DigiCon

As the country’s premier love team, Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla’s team-up has no shortage of cute, kilig moments, and their “La Luna Sangre” digital conference last Saturday, June 17, is no exception.

Here we compiled seven of their cutest moments that you can watch over and over again just to feel the kilig!

1. When Daniel gave his mic to Kathryn so she could be heard more properly



KathNiel made a sweet start to the conference, and Daniel even batted his puppy dog eyes at Kathryn. Cute!



2. When they had this super intense titigan



While everyone was busy chatting, the pair shared a quiet and intimate moment, staring deep into each other’s eyes. KATUNAW NAMAN!



3. When Daniel kept bugging Kathryn - in a cute way of course!



Every time she would answer a question, Daniel would whisper something to Kathryn which would distract her from what she would say. We normally don’t like interruptions, but if it looks as dashing as Daniel, that is very much welcome indeed.



4. When Kathryn finally had enough of Daniel’s antics



Kathryn had been patient with Daniel the whole time, but she finally called him out when she couldn’t get a straight answer to give the attendees. Daniel took it in stride of course, and resumed bugging her immediately after!



5. When Kathryn subtly held Daniel’s hand



The pair was just sitting silently, listening to the next question when suddenly Kathryn took Daniel’s hand! Really, you have to watch it to feel the kilig.



6. When Kathryn was super proud of Daniel


After Daniel’s pretty long speech about fighting cyber bullying, everyone in the room applauded and Kathryn raised his hand, the way you declare someone a champion. A power couple is one who supports and lifts the other up!


7. Finally, when Daniel kissed Kathryn’s cheek



Yup, this is not a joke.

Daniel really kissed Kathryn’s cheek on camera! And as a pair who limits their PDA to holding hands, this is such a treat!!! Feel free to replay this GIF any time you want.

“La Luna Sangre” also stars John Lloyd Cruz, Angel Locsin, and Richard Gutierrez. Watch it every night after “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.”