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This is how we should take Paris - like ErWanne and SosBolz

And Anne still won't let her affair with Kdrama go... :))

Danielle Aquino
Danielle Aquino

6/20/2017 in News
This is how we should take Paris - like ErWanne and SosBolz

The envy of couples everywhere, Anne Curtis and fiance Erwan Huessaff, along with his sister Solenn and her husband Nico Bolzico, went on a trip to Paris, France last June 18 and it looks like they’re having a blast. 


Of course, a trip is nothing without a little drama, as seen in this photo of Solenn and Nico. 


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Apparently they had a misunderstanding as to who was supposed to book the car in France. “Still not clear regardless of what Wifezilla says,” he wrote in his caption. “It looks like I was supposed to be the one taking care of that but we are still analysing the facts .... reality is that @solenn got really upset and I am not sure why ... As a very wise person once said: "Behind every upset woman, there is a man that has no idea what he did wrong" (it was my dad).” 
Meanwhile, Anne was in the middle of watching the Korean drama “Weightlifting Fairy” when she and Erwan landed in Paris. 








But she didn’t let being in Paris stop her from watching the series. 






She’s also trying to get Erwan into it. 


The four also went on a food trip in Paris, enjoying all the delicious food the capital of France had to offer. 









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Don’t these pastries look amazing?? 




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Erwan tried some dishes that, well, we might need some convincing to try. 


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“Finally got to try the great cocktail menu at @danicoparis,” he wrote in his caption. “This one had chickpea water and green peas, as main ingredients. Sign me up!” 


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“Bonjour Paris. Veal brains svp. So happy to finally have tried Clown Bar.” 
Despite all the temptation to just stuff themselves in Paris, Anne and Erwan seemed determined not to let themselves go. 

Of course, eating wasn’t all they did. 





Outings that resulted in photos like this: 


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There’s probably more of that to come. Moving to other Parisian adventures, Solenn posted this photo of them just today. 



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In her caption, she wrote, “Gangstas in Paris failed night cap cause of jet lag haha.” 
Seems like they had more fun than they could handle last night. 




And, as expected with these four, fun times were documented for the further ~embarrassment~ of the victim and enjoyment of everyone else. Though it was mostly at the expense of Nico. 




With their Paris adventure just beginning, we’ll hopefully see more of their shenanigans!






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