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#ALTLMrandMrsNoble Recap: Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Noble!

It's official, misis na ni Anton (Ian) si Andeng (Bea)! Pa'no na si Grace? #ALoveToLast

Danielle Aquino
Danielle Aquino

6/20/2017 in News
#ALTLMrandMrsNoble Recap: Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Noble!

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Noble! As the priest announced them man and wife on last night’s (June 19) episode of “A Love To Last,” Anton (Ian Veneracion) and Andeng’s (Bea Alonzo) life together officially begins. 
The two couldn’t believe they were finally married and spent the car ride to the reception just basking in the joy. 

Away from all the celebration, Grace (Iza Calzado) was at home, alone with her thoughts and fresh photos of the newlyweds that only pushed her deeper into the depressive state she was already in. 

Diane (Carla Martinez) and Bianca (Kazel Kinouchi) were worried over Grace and her emotional state, with the former hopeful that her daughter will return to her normal strong self. The two were not alone in concern over Grace, as her loving son Lucas (JK Labajo) spent the day worried about her as well, distracting him from the wedding and the guests. 

Grace ignored all of Lucas’ calls as she busied herself with writing a letter addressed to Anton. In the letter, she apologized for giving up on them and wrote that she loved him, that he will always be the love of her life. 
Having gained some strength to come out of hiding, she dressed and put on her make-up. She called up a friend who attended Anton’s wedding and asked where the reception was. 

Uh-oh. Looks like Grace will be making an appearance at the Agoncillo-Noble nuptials after all. Tune in tonight for an all new episode of “A Love To Last” on Primetime Bida after “La Luna Sangre.” Missed the show last night? Catch the previous episode on iwanttv.com.ph.
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