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Jericho fulfills promise to late father
Jericho may have lost a father, but he has found new brothers.
Danielle Aquino
by Danielle Aquino
6/19/2017 in News
Jericho fulfills promise to late father

“Through 1800 kilometers, two ferry rides, sun and tropical storm, and tons of coffee.” 
Jericho Rosales and several of his friends went on an adventure that took them across the Philippines and it was epic. It was also Jericho’s way of fulfilling the promise he made his father, Santiago Rosales Jr., when he passed away last March 22 after battling cancer. 
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Jericho posted a video on his official Facebook page on Father’s Day entitled “Salute For Santiago,”  documenting their entire journey. Watch the video below: 

In the video, he shared a few anecdotes, like how his father gave him a cat he named Dimala (“a play on the word Alamid, the Tagalog word for Civet Cat”); how he was a ranger and was always on the move; how he taught him to love the outdoors (“...And how to live by gathering vegetables, and how to catch wild shrimp. How to skin a field frog and gut fish.”); how his father sold insurance policies all over the country on his motorbike; how he was a joker, always made people laugh. 
The actor went on to explain the photo he found of his father on a bridge with his motorbike, with his arms raised in his signature pose. 

He found that the photo was taken on the San Juanico Bridge in Tacloban, Leyte and that was where he needed to go to be with his father one last time. 
His friends joined him without him asking, saying they felt the same force that pushed him to do this. “Maybe it was a shared love for adventure,” he said in the video, “a shared love of the open road and the meditation it brings. Or maybe it was a way for a band of brothers to share in carrying the weight of my loss. … I got the support I didn’t think I needed. … I may have lost a father, but I gained new brothers.” 

When they arrived at the bridge, Jericho replicated the photo of his father, complete with his father’s signature pose. 


With his promise to his father fulfilled, we hope Jericho finds further peace.