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Noon at ngayon: GerCi's Supreme covers

Peek into Gerald and Arci's second cover for Philstar Supreme

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

6/16/2017 in News
Noon at ngayon: GerCi's Supreme covers

Gerald Anderson and Arci Munoz are on the cover of PhilStar Supreme this June!
The cover, which features the immensely attractive pair in their winning summer smiles, was revealed on Supreme's official Instagram last night, June 15.
Take a look here:

We couldn't help but compare this colorful cover, where we see just how comfortable GerCi have become with each other, with their first one for Supreme which was released way back in February 2016. 
The first cover, as opposed to the colorful 2017 one, is washed in black and white and is full of, ahem, sexual tension. 


Phew! Someone get some water, Gerald and Arci started a fire over here!
Which cover do you like better? Tell us in the comments section below!
Gerald and Arci reunite in "Can We Still Be Friends?" as Digs and Sam, a couple who after eight years together decides to break up and stay friends. 
"Can We Still Be Friends?" is directed by Prime Cruz and with a screenplay written by Jen Chuaunsu.
It is a love story that celebrates the indomitable millennial spirit as it attempts to ask the proverbial question: can exes really be friends?
"Can We Still Be Friends" also assembles a remarkable millennial supporting cast led by Bryan Santos, Ria Atayde, Brian Sy, Gege Severo, Erika Padilla, Markki Stroem, and Emmanuelle Vera.
"Can We Still Be Friends?" is now showing in theaters nationwide.
Watch the trailer here: