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Alex Diaz opens up about friendship with JaDine

Alex at James, nagkaaway dati?

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

6/1/2017 in News
Alex Diaz opens up about friendship with JaDine

Whenever we see them on our timelines, James Reid and Nadine Lustre are constantly surrounded by effortlessly cool people who exude confidence and class, while still looking relaxed and stress-free.
But what is it really like to be part of the JaDine squad?
According to Alex Diaz, their squad isn’t just a hangout for the “cool kids:” it’s a family who loves and understands each other.
“We always find time [for each other],” the MYX VJ told PUSH today, June 1. “What we’ve learned… is that the most important thing for us is to find time for our friends… and continue to live our life as family outside of showbiz.”
He further cited JaDine as an example, who don’t neglect their personal lives just for their careers. For them, friends are just as important as fans.
“Fans are so concerned about JaDine as a team and they forget that they have a life outside of their career. Like all of us, we’re all subject to the public eye but we also have a personal life,” he said.
Alex even shared that before he and James became close friends, they used to hate each other.
“My dad and James’s dad have known each other for 40 years. Me and James actually used to be enemies… And then one day we were just stuck in a room and we started talking and from then on we were just really good friends,” he said.