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Why Vina Morales broke up with French BF

Vina: “We’re giving ourselves time to grow.”

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

5/6/2017 in News
Why Vina Morales broke up with French BF

Vina Morales has spoken up about her breakup with French businessman Marc Lambert.

“After two years together, I have decided to end my relationship with Marc. We, however, remain friends. The physical distance has taken a toll on our relationship,” she said in a statement released on the Inquirer today, May 6. “Being together in one place is a sacrifice that we aren’t yet ready to make, because of our respective obligations.”

Marc is based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Vina added that despite their breakup, she still respects Marc and wishes him all the best.

“As much as we still love each other, we’re giving ourselves space and time to grow separate from each other, hoping that by taking this high road, we come out as better persons,” she said.

Asked what she’s looking for, Vina answered she’s no longer looking for the guy that she wants.

“I just want the kind of guy God wants for me,” she said.